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Liébana valley is located in Cantabria, bounded by the Cantabrian Mountain Range and the Picos de Europa, with part of its territory on the Saja National Reserve and the Picos de Europa National Park. The beautiful Liébana valley lies in the joint of these two towering massifs. The valley floor ranges from 100 metres above sea level in la Hermida and 300 in Potes, its capital.

The natural mouth of the valley is the canyon of La Hermida, an impressive 20 km gorge dug in the limestone rocks of the Picos de Europa by the Deva River, which flows into the Cantabrian Sea along the town of Unquera. Liébana is split into several valleys, such as Camaleño, Vega de Liébana, Pesaguero and Cillorigo.

There is another town in Liebana, Tresviso. It is located outside the valley in Picos de Europa. It is the place where the famous Tresviso cheese is made. The most populated valley is Camaleño with Fuente Dé is located at the top, where a cable car covers almost a one thousand meters slope up to the look-out point of El Cable, a must for anyone who wants to experience the grandeur of Picos de Europa.

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