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Joyel Beach

Campsite has direct access to the beach of Ris, along which it is located. The beach looks like a “shell “, which at low tide allows the enjoyment of more than 40,000 square meters of wonderful fine sand. During wild tides, people can easily walk to the Island of San Pedruco, with its small medieval chapel and wild fig trees, inhabited by thousands of seagulls.

At his side is the island of Oliva and thoroughly Garfanta boulders, Aguila and Rabo Moja. Here begins the so-called “coastal walk”, which runs along the coast from Ris beach to that of Trengandín. The journey is full of small coves, beautifully flowing between pinewoods and reaching places as idyllic as the Punta de la Mesa or Pombera beach.

Its northern orientation provides waves, surfing possibilities and other sports, including fishing. The beach facilities include showers and lifeguard service in summer. Along Ris beach are also located several surf schools offering lessons or rental of surfing equipment.


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