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Santander has an extraordinarily beautiful landscape, mainly due to its coastal location, as if it were a peninsula surrounded by the bay and the open coast to the Cantabrian Sea.

But the beaches are perhaps the best known and appreciated natural spaces. Its winding route which borders almost three kilometres of coastline, also offers small and large beaches: some sheltered from the winds and in calm waters (Los Peligros, La Magdalena and Bikinis ); others, open to the Cantabrian sea, with more waves (El Camello, La Concha, La Primera, La Segunda or Castañeda, Molinucos and Mataleñas) .

Next to and among these beaches, there are extremely beautiful green spaces which overlook the coastline, such as Piquío, with its symbolic gardens planted in a rocky area, which separates the two beaches of El Sardinero, like a prow of a ship that sails the sea. Parque de la Magdalena is found nearby (on the peninsula), full of vegetation and woodland, opposite the island of Mouro and the powerful Cantabrian sea. Together with the Royal Palace, this is the most typical Santander landscape.

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